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How To Live 100 Years With Whole Health!

Photo Courtesy of PxFuel

Story by Ferdinand Thomas II, Root Tribez Holistic Living Consultant

Living 100 years filled with life living experiences is possible, and we're going to reveal how to achieve this!

Many of our great great grandparents lived to the ripe ages of 90+ years of age, and some living as many as 110+ years. They achieved these feats through balanced living and honoring Universal Laws.

Root Tribez wants to help you and your family achieve the same thing! Let's touch on how to get there!


Every healthy plant I've ever seen received many hours of direct or partial sunlight on a daily basis. If you take a look at your cellular structure, you'll notice you're built just like a plant. With the sun, there's life in that plant. Without it - and in a short period of time - there is death.

On a daily basis receive as many hours as possible of raw Sunlight to as much of your bare skin as possible. I guarantee you'll want to thank us later!


Drink a gallon of Water per day. It’s necessary to replenish the vessel with what it is made of. We’re made of 70% or more of Water.


The Human Animal craves Whole Nutrients. The Source is what grows from the Earth. The Electrical Nature and Potential of Hydrogen in these plants play major roles in Digestive Health, and much more of the Brain and body’s vital roles.

Examples of Whole Foods are Ginger Roots, Burdock Roots, Sarsaparilla, and much more. They are foods that are grown in their natural habitat and are untainted through the process of it reaching you.


Breathe clean Oxygen. Breathe out Carbon Dioxide. Do Deep Breathing techniques daily for Detoxification. Find your Power in your Breathe.


Definitely one of the most important of all is keeping the Body moving.

Exercise is definitely important. But we need to start manually doing our day-to-day needs. Cooking can be or become a type of exercise. It takes effort and Movement to chop up them Vegetables.

Movement is usually the only time that your Blood’s Circulation is moving at the rate needed for optimal Health.

Universal Laws

Living to see 100+ also requires Living by a Higher Rule Book. The Law Of Sacrifice and the Law Of Reciprocity always come straight to Mind.

A person who Honors Universal Law Manifests a Life where a minimal amount of Energy consistently Creates a large Impact toward a Worthy Ideal of that person’s choosing. Those who Violate the Laws - even unknowingly - Manifest a Life of chaos and ultimately their own destruction.

It is important for us to Live the Five Keys Of Life while also Honoring Universal Law. This information predates All religious systems. It predates All doctrine from any and every corner of the Globe. This Ancient Knowledge from lip-to-ear.

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