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Enjoy renewed health using a Root Tribez 10-Day Detox.  We have fused Detoxing and Revitalizing all into one process to achieve optimal health in a short period of time.


Root Tribez 10-Day Detox is a 3-step process.  The first step is increasing Gut Cleanse.  From there, we focus on Worms & Parasites.  The last step is fully nourishing the brain and body with herbal combinations to Revitalize and Rebuild.


The Detox is geared to be the beginning of a new lifestyle of healthy activity and consumption.  It's recommended to drink minimum 1-Gallon of water per day.  Non-eating for the 10-Days is recommended.  However, if one decides to eat during the Detox, make sure to eat Raw fruits and vegetables only.

Blood Pressure Regulator 10-Day Detox

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    • Overall Health Booster 

    • Boosts Immunity

    • Digestive Support 

    • Boost Metabolism 

    • Antimicrobial & Antiviral 

    • Excellent Source of Calcium & Protein

    • Vitamins E, C, B, B12, K and A

    • Produces Collagen 

    • Healthy Skin & Hair 

    • Healthy Brain Function 

    • Weight Loss

    • Anti-Aging

    • Thyroid Balance 

    • And much more

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