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Strengthen Marriage, Relationship with Root Tribez Detox

The best starting point is Fasting with added Meditation for three days. Ingest only water during that 72 hours.

The immediate follow up is the Root Tribez Male Health 10-Day Detox.

During this detox, it’s important to continue non-eating for the entire 10 days. Drink 128 oz of water per day minimum.

Meditate on your I Am. Capture the Visions and make them plain. They will be massive - as your body is cleansed of toxicity and also doesn’t have to process food - and your mind will soar to spiritual heights beyond imagination as you designed it to.

Using your Gifts within Purpose - while cleansing and being born anew with mature and responsible habits in the steps to follow - will multiply the Manifested healing that is already done.

The 10-Day Detox covers your Nutrient intake, but the other four keys of life must be maintained in consistent balance to achieve Whole health. Nutrient intake after the detox needs to be Whole foods. Instead of eating plant based… Eat the plant.

Sunlight to bare skin per day is necessary. Water intake must be 1-Gallon per day. Breathing is exponentially important… That means proper sleep, because that’s when you deep breathe innately for hours - which is one of the body’s most powerful detoxification methods.

Lastly, and arguably the most important, is Movement. Exercise is necessary every day. A combination of aerobic and muscular fitness is what males 35 - 85 need to produce the proper amounts of testosterone, bone, muscle and blood flow.

You got this brotha… And Root Tribez is gonna walk the path with you every step of the way 🎯


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